GENENA Investment

Commercial and retail services. Founded at 1997. Succeeded to present several reputable brand names in the Egyptian market in different sectors including commercial, food & beverage, retail and hotel services.


Genena Mall proposing to the Egyptian market in the late 90s the iconic “Genena Mall” whereas the Egyptian audience got to know the benefits and the importance of the malls and motivated Egyptian developers to invest in the similar field; malls and shopping trade centers.

GENENA City | Sharm El Sheikh

Inspired from our ancient civilizations, applying the halo of kings and queens of pharaohs. Inside, a 135 masterpiece photographs of king TUT are added specifically chosen under the supervision of the ministry of antiquity affairs. Also, collection hand-written documents from Howard Carter who firstly discovered the kind tut tomb in 1922. Genena city proposes a throne-like a holy vibe across the venue.