Our mission is to always provide our clients with the most exquisite investment opportunities, services and support through proposing new and fresh solutions across diverse sectors


Our vision is to maintain our perspective as market leaders in real estate sector while engaging and expanding in different investing - related sectors

Company’s Values

First Initiatives
We support the initiation of ideas, we succeeded to present to the Egyptian market the first mall experience, integrated commercial units and ice-skating venues.

Every single detail is based on deep and continuous studies to propose the ultimate value.

Maximized results is all what we are keen about.

We are committed to serve the highest quality and we had a major fingerprint in such values.

About INMA

By the beginning of 2015, Genena group founded INMA.

INMA is the construction and real estate development arm of Genena Group. INMA was initiated with a vision to expand and enhance the commercial and retail business in addition to the administrative and office allocations. Assuring quality by implementing Genena's experience, values, and culture.

INMA created a concept based on study and research with inspirational origins to Genena's culture. Trivium is the final result of in-depth and continuous market studies. Trivium is set to provide the ultimate service and potential to every business owner involved in the commercial and administrative sectors.

Locations, services, amenities and the professional atmosphere are considered as the main aspects for the foundation of TRIVIUM. 

About Genena Group

Genena Group is considered as one of the Egyptian pioneers in the world of business and the real estate industry. Genena proposed to the Egyptian market in the late nineties the iconic "Genena mall" whereas the mall experience was introduced to the Egyptian market, the Egyptian audience got to know the benefits and the importance of the malls and motivated Egyptian developers to invest in a similar field; malls and shopping trade centers. Genena mall is located in a vital spot at Nasr city, and the mall itself had a significant influence on the entire territory to add the crucial residential tone and grabbing residents and crowd.

Besides the mall and commercial industry, Genena group established several investments in various and diverse sectors creating its own entities in sectors including Real estate development, Real estate construction and Food and Beverage. Throughout Genena's tale of success, several brand names have been found with solid and attainable goals, visions, and objectives.